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Finding the Best Grants for Christian Schools

April 01, 2023
By Berean Christian School

If you are anything like us, then your life revolves around your faith. And chances are, you are looking for a good Christian school for your little or not-so-little one.

Schools like Berean Christian School don't only inspire academic excellence. We accompany it with faith-based education. This equips students for the college landscape while strengthening their faith in Christ.

The only hiccup with Christian schools is the tuition. That is, unless you find grants for Christian schools.

As a premier Christian school with over 55 years of experience, we understand this. That is why we have included everything you need to know about funding your child's Christian education.

Routes to Finding Scholarships

Finding the right education grants for your children is like an Easter egg hunt. It requires patience, dedication, and a good map. Though the first two rely on you, we can help with the map.

Admissions Office

The first place to start when looking for scholarships is the admissions or financial aid office. The school’s admissions office will know local and national organizations that can help you fund your child’s education.

They will also have a list of education grants their school already partners with.

Another great advantage of contacting the admissions office is that you may find out about the financial aid the school already offers.

For example, at Berean, we provide various tuition discounts for our aspiring Bereans. Further, our discounts encompass multiple sibling discounts.

The Government

The government offers various education grants for students in private schools. It doesn’t restrict the scope of private schools to only mainstream private schools. It also regards Christian schools as private schools.

However, you will have to ensure that your child meets the outlined requirements.

Voucher Program

Another funding method to look into is a voucher program. Voucher programs are similar to government scholarships. But the difference is that parents often have to pay a part of the school tuition. The vouchers are also time-specific.

You will have to visit the Florida Department of Education to learn about the specific requirements.

Top Two Grants for Christian Schools

Though there are many Christian education grants in Florida, we have highlighted our favorite two. This list will give you an idea of which organization you can reach out to.

Set Up for Students Private School Scholarship

Set Up for Students offers a range of scholarships for Florida students pursuing private education. This scholarship provides deserving students with an average school tuition aid of $7,700. This can be used for tuition, registration, and books among other activities.

FES-EO Program

The second scholarship you can look into is the Family Empowerment Scholarship Educational Opportunity (FES-EO). This voucher program gives students $7,612 on average towards school requirements.

FES-EO has several requirements for students. Some of the eligibility criteria include:

  • Students within the foster care system
  • Children of servicemen and women
  • Children who are part of the direct certification list

Supporting Your Child’s Private Education

For parents who desire to keep faith at the center of their children’s lives, grants for Christian schools are among the best options. From voucher programs to funding from local churches, it has never been easier to help your child obtain academic distinction while attending a Christ-centered school.

If you are looking for a private Christian school in Florida, Berean Christian School is the answer. We don't only celebrate our faith but we also strive for academic success. We were voted the “Best of the West” for two consecutive years.

Contact our admissions office to enroll your child.

What Is an Accredited High School?

March 15, 2023
By Berean Christian School

Have you ever wondered how you can give your children the best possible start in life? By choosing an accredited high school, you're offering them the chance to excel academically. They will do so through consistent educational support and experienced teachers.

If you’re interested in sending your child to an accredited high school, you can learn more about your options below.

What Is an Accredited High School?

When you choose an accredited high school for your child, you are choosing a school that consistently achieves academic excellence. The school has been recognized by an accrediting body as being capable of maintaining the highest standard of education.

Going to and graduating from an accredited high school could mean better opportunities for your child. Employers often favor candidates who have a strong educational background. An accredited high school can do this for your child.

Are Private Schools Accredited?

Not every private school in the US receives accreditation. Schools apply for accreditation from an awarding agency. Some private schools do not choose to do this and therefore don't become accredited.

If you want to check that a private school is accredited, use the Department of Education’s database. You can search for the name of a particular school to see what awards it has earned.

Accredited Christian Schools Near Me

You may be seeking a Christian-accredited high school. If so, Berean Christian School is the right choice for you. The school has received accreditation from the Association of Christian Schools International.

When choosing a high school, you should consider what your teen will get out of it. Berean strives for academic excellence from all its students. That’s what makes it one of the best private schools in Florida.

Berean offers students a well-rounded education while promoting and teaching Christian values. Your child will receive the guidance and support they need throughout their education. They will be ready for the next exciting stages of adult life after they graduate.

Accredited Christian Schools

Accredited Christian schools believe in teaching young people about the ways of God. They differ from regular accredited high schools because they focus on building faith. They offer young people guidance on maintaining a relationship with God.

Academics are a further priority for accredited Christian high schools. All regular high school-level subjects, such as math, English, and science are taught as standard. You can expect your child to be encouraged to work hard in all these subjects and do their best through the help of an accredited Christian high school.

Choose the Right Accredited High School

An accredited high school is beneficial for every child no matter their ability. Your child will receive the educational support and encouragement they need. They will achieve in all their academic pursuits.

An accredited Christian high school can offer this support and remind your child of the importance of their faith. This dual focus means your child leaves high school with the tools they need to lead a happy, successful life.

If you have any questions about how an accredited Christian high school could help your child, feel free to contact us.


Your Common Questions About Christian Schools: Answered

March 01, 2023
By Berean Christian School

If you've found yourself on our website, reading our mission, and aligning with our beliefs, you might be considering sending your child to our school. However, you may be on the fence about choosing a Christian school for your child's education.

What exactly is a Christian school? How does it work? Would you feel welcome?

Many questions run through people's heads when they think about Christian schools. We're here to answer a few of the most common ones.

Are Christian Schools Private?

Christian schools are all private. This is because public schools cannot favor a religion. However, as you'll read below, Christian schools cannot discriminate based on religion.

Many private schools out there are Christian without people even realizing it. This is because the purpose of the school isn't to push religion but to put religious teachings into practice to give children the best education possible.

On the whole, children from private schools generally fare better on tests than kids from public schools. If you're looking to give your child the best education possible, it might be time to start looking into private schools.

What is the Difference Between Catholic and Christian Schools?

Usually, when one hears about religious schools in this country, Catholic schools are what come to mind first. But what's the difference between Catholic schools and Christian schools? Technically, Catholic schools are Christian schools since Catholicism is a denomination of Christianity.

Of course, the most obvious answer is that Catholic schools are run along the lines of specifically Catholic doctrines. If your family is another denomination this might make you uncomfortable. Since catholicism contains some different beliefs than other denominations of Christianity, you might want to avoid them if you don't agree with their values.

Catholic schools are also likely to be tied to the Catholic Church as a whole. A Christian school can support smaller, local churches, and choose their own paths.

Can Christian Schools Discriminate Based on Religion?

Christian schools cannot discriminate based on religion. Many people who are not Christian choose Christian schools because of their strong moral and educational values.

Do Christian Schools Celebrate Halloween?

When researching schools, you might have found that many Christians do not believe in celebrating Halloween. To many, it's a pagan holiday that does not align with Christian values.

However, there is no national Christian policy on Halloween celebrations, and its celebration differs on a school-to-school basis.

Do Christian Schools Require Vaccinations?

Christian schools do require children to be immunized. This does not limit itself to the COVID-19 vaccination, but all the standard vaccinations required of a child.

Keep in mind that these policies have existed since before the COVID-19 pandemic. Though certain people's beliefs differ, it's the responsibility of the school to keep as many children as safe as possible.

Christian Schools Are a Great Option

As you can see, Christian schools are a great choice for anyone looking to give their child the best education possible. They may not be as strict as they might seem at first, and focus on providing a great education.

All Christian schools are different and have different ways of spreading their teachings. For more information on our particular school, contact us today.



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The Advantages of Attending a Christ-Centered Educational Institution

February 15, 2023
By Berean Christian School

Are you aware that almost 50 million students were enrolled in public schools in the fall of 2021?

If you have one or more children who are ready to start school for the first time or continue their education, it's worth considering other options. For instance, a private school founded on a Christian worldview may be a better than public school.

Are you wondering why it's worth it? Keep reading to learn all about the amazing advantages of attending a Christ-centered educational institution.

Why Christian Schools?

With a Christian education, you can rest easy knowing that your child won't be tempted by conflicting beliefs or no beliefs to speak of.

In a secular environment, it's all too easy for a child to become confused and not realize the truth of Jesus Christ and his teachings. A Christian school will produce crystal-clear teachings founded in biblical truth.

Benefits of Private Christian Schools

A Christ-centered school not only puts faith at the forefront but also focuses on fellowship. As a youth, going to school can end up being a daunting experience at first. From making new friends to adapting to the curriculum, there's plenty to worry about in general.

It's much easier for children to adapt to a school filled with others who share their faith. This alone creates a strong foundation in which meaningful friendships will flourish.

Why Are Christian Schools Important?

Did you know that almost 30% of Americans don't affiliate with a religion? The lack of faith in the United States is a problem that continues to worsen each year.

In addition to churches, Christian schools are one of the last bastions in which faith in Jesus Christ can thrive. To ensure a more faithful future, we'll have to rely on a Christ-centered education provided by these academic institutions.

Core Values of Christian Schools

With a faith-based education at a Christian school, you'll be glad to learn that there are many upstanding values that guide everyone.

In addition to faith, other values include a commitment to truth, a willingness to empathize with others, a sense of generosity, and much more. These core values can ensure both a fruitful career and a righteous life as a whole.

In a secular school, there's no guarantee a child will learn these values if any at all.

Are You Ready to Attend a Christ-Centered Educational Institution?

Now that you've learned about the advantages of attending a Christ-centered educational institution, you can make the best choice for your children's future.

Berean Christian School is dedicated to providing our youth with an impactful education centered around the glory and teachings of Jesus Christ. From K-12, we're here to support and guide your child into a bright future.

Feel free to contact us with questions about admissions and more.


Scholarships for Christian Private Schools

February 01, 2023
By Berean Christian School

Hoping to send your child to a Christian school? Worried about your ability to pay tuition? If so, you should know that there are ample scholarship opportunities available.

These scholarships can drastically reduce your child's tuition, making payments much more manageable for you. Need help to find Christian school scholarships? You're in the right place!

Here is a list of scholarships for Christian private schools. 

Scholarships for Christian Private Schools

There is no shortage of scholarships for private Christian schools. That said, in the state of Florida, the most prominent of these include the following:

FTC Scholarship 

The FTC Scholarship or Florida Tax Credit Scholarship incentivizes corporations to give money to scholarship funds. When corporations fund these scholarships, they're given tax credits and therefore save money themselves. 

Where does this funding end up? In the hands of low-income students in the state of Florida. Once they've received this funding, they can use it to pay for either private schooling or transportation to other public schools. 

The FTC scholarship is used by many students throughout Florida. Generally speaking, there are around 110,000 scholarships awarded every year. Currently, these scholarships are averaging around $7,700 per student. 

Florida Tax Credit Scholarship

There are two types of scholarships awarded by the Florida Tax Credit program. One of these is the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship. The other is the Family Empowerment Scholarship. 

Whereas the former is used for private and public school transportation expenses, the latter offers scholarships for private schools in particular. 

To be eligible for these scholarships, a child's parents must make under a specific amount of income. Learn more about eligibility requirements by clicking here

Florida Step Up for Students

There are a number of other scholarships offered through the Florida Step Up for Students program. These include the Reading Scholarship, the Hope Scholarship, the Scholarship for Students With Unique Abilities, and more. 

To learn more about these, visit the Florida Step Up for Students website. 

How to Get Funding for a Private Christian School

Getting funding for private Christian schools is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. You can go about it in a number of different ways. 

One option is to apply for the programs discussed above. However, you might not necessarily meet the criteria. And even if you do, it might not provide the level of assistance that you require. 

If so, you should also consider asking around churches in your area. Some churches will provide funding to ensure that children are able to attend Christian schools. 

There are also a number of scholarships offered by private organizations as well. To find these, search Google for phrases like "Christian school scholarships" and "private school scholarships". 

There Are Tons of Scholarships for Christian Private Schools

When it comes down to it, there are numerous scholarship options for Christian private schools. The ones above comprise only a small portion of them. 

Looking for an appropriate Christian school in West Palm Beach, Florida? Berean Christian School may be the right choice for your family. 

Learn more about our school here. 

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