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Private Junior High School (Grades 7-8)

The Secondary program at Berean Christian School features an intentionally Christ-centered and Biblically-based curriculum while academically sound, intellectually challenging, and creatively varied.  Berean Christian School enjoys an ethnically varied student population. 
We at Berean believe God has uniquely created and gifted each student as He has purposed.  As such, we try to present avenues to develop those gifts and talents by offering opportunities in art, music, drama, evangelism, community service, and athletics in a safe and encouraging environment; ESE services are also available.  Each week students participate in chapel or Life Groups.  Junior High is a transitional chapter in every student's life when academic foundations are solidified in preparation for success in high school.  



Middle School

Design and Modeling

Students will learn the design process as they construct a 3D model and then create a therapeutic toy for children with cerebral palsy. Students will learn the basics of wiring, engineering, design, and modeling.

App Creators
Students will gain an introduction to computer science by developing a mobile app that will solve a real-world problem in the realm of health, environment, community service, or school culture.
Competitive Robotics
Students create a robot, from circuits and legos, designed to complete a specific task (like traversing a course, picking up a ball, or throwing it in a goal, etc.) This robot and its students compete in a state tournament.

High School

Introduction to Engineering (Engineering Essentials)
Students will be exposed to a breadth of different types of engineering and the multiple career opportunities for each as they solve engaging and challenging real-world problems like creating a natural relief center system or creating a solution to improve the safety and well-being of local citizens.
Applied Computers
This course will empower students to develop computational thinking skills through the foundational concepts of computer science. Students will cultivate a basic understanding of JavaScript programming, App Design, and representing Digital Information.
Students create a robot, from circuits and legos, that is designed to complete a specific task (like traverse a course, pick up a ball, throw it in a goal, etc.) This robot and its students compete in a state tournament.
In this course, students will create their own business and begin operating it. They will also create a website for their business, learn about digital marketing, and publish a book.
Public Speaking
Learn the essentials of writing and presenting a speech.