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All parents are faced with the challenge of how to best meet the educational needs of their child. The decision you make today about your child's education will have a lifelong impact. It is a choice that requires prayerful consideration.

At Berean Christian School we believe there is no better educational investment that you can make in your child's future than a Christian education. Berean Christian School provides not only a strong academic foundation, but an education that transforms a child's life as they learn about God's Word and world.

At BCS we help children understand their world from God's perspective. We provide a character-building education where children learn the foundations for making wise decisions based on Godly principles. Teaching that God has a plan and purpose for every life, Christian education enables children to become spiritually strong and develop lives of service to the Lord, their family, and community.

Berean Christian School teachers are intentional about integrating faith and academics in the classroom. We create a dynamic environment where learning is active, stimulating, and creative. It is our passion to know the heart of our students, so we may sensitively lead them to Biblically-based, intellectual pursuits.

A Christian school has the responsibility of shaping minds and hearts while meeting the social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs of students. Creating an atmosphere where children feel loved, safe, and nurtured equips them with the confidence to make sound decisions when faced with challenging circumstances.

Berean is committed to making Christian education available to as many families in our community as possible. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing an excellent education at affordable prices.

Berean is here to partner with parents as they pursue their God-given responsibility to educate and train their children. By choosing BCS, parents demonstrate the importance of reflecting and reinforcing their Christian values as an integral part of their child's educational life. It's an education that glorifies God - an education with eternal value.