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ESE K5-12th Grades


Berean Christian School provides an ESE program for students with mild to moderate learning differences. We accept students into our program with a variety of exceptionalities, including but not limited to: ADD/ADHD, High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, Specific Learning Disabilities, Language Impaired, and Visual and Auditory Processing Disorders. These students must perform within two grade levels of their peers in Math and Reading based on the school’s diagnostics and also must be suited to be successful in a grade-level class with peers the majority of the day.

We serve our ESE students in two ways. The first way is through pull-out classes for math and language arts (as well as for learning strategies in grades 7-12). The second way we service ESE students are through in-class accommodations. We do have ESE students who are not pulled out of their classes, but receive in-class accommodations.

Pull-Out Program

The ESE pull-out program provides direct instruction for language arts and math, in a small group setting, with more intensive accommodations to help our students find success. These classes are taught by teachers who are highly qualified in teaching students with exceptionalities.

Students attend the rest of their academic classes with their grade-level classmates.

Students who are testing one to two years below grade level in math or language arts on their entrance exam must participate in the pull-out program for that subject. Students who are not finding academic success in the regular classroom will be required to transition to the pull-out program.

Learning Strategies

In grades 7th through 12th we also offer Learning Strategies, a class designed to teach students study skills, organization skills, and a way to provide support in all academic areas. The learning strategies teacher helps students stay focused on upcoming assignments as well as provide accommodations for the students.

All 7th through 9th grade students in ESE math or language arts must take learning strategies.

Students who require extended time, tests read to them, or are allowed to respond verbally on tests must be enrolled in Learning Strategies.

Accommodations Only Students

A small percentage of our ESE students do not receive any pull-out services, but remain in all of their classes with their peers. These students still receive some accommodations as specified on their IEP, 504 plan, or Psycho-Educational Evaluation.

The students who are not pulled out of any classes, but receive in-class accommodations, have very minor accommodations, such as (but not limited to) preferential seating, cues to stay on task, and having teachers sign their agenda. Students who need extra time on assessments, tests read to them, or are allowed verbal responses must be in Learning Strategies in grades 7-12 and in an ESE class in grades Kindergarten through 6th.

Berean Christian School makes a considerate effort to accommodate students with learning differences and to do everything we can to help our students find success. However, not all accommodations on an IEP, 504 plan, or Psycho-Educational Evaluation can or will be met at Berean Christian School. For more information about accommodations or with questions specific to your student, please contact the ESE Coordinator.

Speech and Occupational Therapy

Berean does not offer speech or occupational therapy. We do, however, have outside companies that will provide these services on Berean’s campus during the school day.

This is an additional cost and arranged between the parent and therapist.

Enrollment in ESE at Berean

In order to be considered for the ESE program, parents must provide the school with a copy of a current IEP (Individual Education Plan), 504 Plan, or Psycho-educational evaluation, as well as the prior year’s final report card, most recent accommodation plan, and most recent report card.

After reviewing your student’s admissions packet, and entrance testing, a determination will be made as to whether or not we can meet your student’s needs and if pull-out services are required.

Students with an IEP, 504 plan, Psycho-educational evaluation are accepted to Berean Christian school as a participant in our ESE program, receiving ESE services.

If your student is accepted to Berean’s ESE program as an accommodations only student, they may be required to transition to one (or more) of our pull-out programs if they are having difficulty performing in the regular classroom or are not testing on grade level.

ESE services are an additional cost.

Leaving the Pull-Out Program

The goal of Berean’s ESE program is for our students to reach performance at their grade level and to be proficient in all of their regular classrooms without the need for pull-out services. To do so, the student must be testing on grade level by Berean’s tests, and must function well in a large group setting, as determined by our teaching faculty and ESE director.

While this is the goal for many of our students, it is understood that not all ESE students will reach this level during their time at Berean. Every year we have students graduate BCS as an ESE student, still receiving pull-out services. These students receive a regular diploma and go on to have amazing academic careers; many even going to very prestigious universities.

Berean does not move students out of ESE in the middle of the year. Nor do we remove students based on the student or parent’s desire for them to no longer be in ESE classes. We only move a student out of ESE pull-out classes once they have shown to be performing at grade level, and are successful in a large group setting.

Students who leave the pull-out program will still receive accommodations on the learning plan, and will be classified as an ‘accommodations only’ student.

Waiving Services

Because of how successful our ESE program is, it has become quite popular in the West Palm Beach area. Thus, grade levels are often full, and sometimes we are not accepting new ESE students. When this happens, parents often ask if they can enroll their student at Berean as a regular student and pull their accommodations or services. The answer is no.

Your student has been beautifully and wonderfully made by God with the gifts and abilities specific to who He has designed them to be. With that, some students need additional support to be successful in the traditional academic setting. It would not be beneficial to your student to remove those services. Such a decision could also have consequences down the road when it comes to SAT and ACT testing, as well as college enrollment.

For those reasons, students with an IEP, 504 plan, Psycho-educational evaluation may not waive them in an effort to enroll at Berean as a non-ESE student.

There are, however, some services on your students IEP or 504 plan that Berean cannot accommodate but that would not preclude your student from enrollment. That will be discussed at your enrollment meetings.  

For further information about our ESE program please contact:

Mr. Chris Skierski
Secondary Principal/ESE Director