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Our Mission in Berean’s Counseling Department is, “to support students and their families by offering comprehensive and developmentally appropriate counseling services in order to help students reach their God-given potential and be successful in the future.”  Here at Berean, we believe that in order for students to be successful in the future we must help students develop in all areas; academically, emotionally and spiritually.  The counseling department is committed to helping students in their emotional and spiritual growth through individual and group counseling. Support is also given to parents through individual and family counseling sessions as well as educational support through Parenting Seminars.

How Can I Get Counseling Services For My Student?
If you would like your student to receive counseling services, please submit the “Confidential School Counselor Referral Form”, and the “Counseling Services Permission Form” which can be found on RenWeb under Web Forms. The school counselor will contact you to further to assess your needs.
When and How Often Will My Student Meet With the Counselor?
The School Counselor will usually meet with students once a week during an elective time for an average of six sessions.  The counselor will arrange the time with the teacher.


It is essential for confidentiality to be honored in order for therapy to be effective.  The counselor will provide general updates to the parent/legal guardian.

By law, confidentiality must be breached in the following areas:

  • If it is suspected that any minor, elder, or dependent adult is being or has been abused.
  • If a person plans to harm him/herself.
  • If a person plans to physically harm another person.
  • If your file is subpoenaed to court. 

I am privileged to serve you and your students.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions at: or 561-798-9300 x286.


Kathryn Galeski, MA, LMHC
School Counselor