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We are excited to announce our plan to transition back to a traditional school (no more split schedule or half days). I would encourage you to watch Mr. Dupere’s meeting in the video above.

Some key takeaways from the meeting are as follows:
  • Berean Christian has followed the guidelines set in place by the CDC and Health Department with regard to social distancing, campus cleaning, and wearing masks.
  • The social distancing model we have in place (to follow the guidelines mentioned) have helped us keep our kids safe  but has cost us academic time, spiritual connections, and more (see video) – and has placed an inordinate amount of pressure and stress on our staff that is unsustainable  
  • We have lots of data about our send home and COVID positive rates (see the video for more details). Our data is very similar to other schools in our area that are not social distancing but are wearing masks.
  • We plan to return to a traditional school setting on Monday, November 2nd.
  • We have many non-negotiables that will remain in place to ensure student safety, such as temperature checks, campus cleanings, limiting visitors, and more (see video)
  • We are continuing with our late start, 8:15 am, for secondary students (grades 7-12).  Elementary students will start at 8 am. Morning care is still free from 7:00 – 8:00 am
  • We are abbreviating our school schedule and ending the school day earlier to give our teachers time to do distance learning well (see schedule on FAQ sheet or in the video). Aftercare will be free until 3:30 pm to accommodate parents who can’t get to school at our new release time.
Transition Meeting Q&A