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Berean Christian School has created a formidable alliance with Naviance. 


How it works:

Every student should graduate from high school ready for success in post-secondary education and the twenty-first-century workplace.
Naviance helps Berean use data to promote, measure and improve college and career readiness. Naviance Succeed is an innovative, high-impact solution that becomes part of the fabric of BCS — linking students, teachers, counselors, administrators and families in pursuit of a shared mission of preparing every student for college and career success.



Students and families are provided with access to Family Connection, a web-portal that provides a unique experience by the school, grade and even individual students to guide the path toward career and college readiness. Using the tools provided, students map their own path starting with assessments to learn more about themselves, progressing to goal setting and career exploration and then setting a plan to achieve their goals.

Like any “GPS”, students are able to explore alternatives, avoid roadblocks, set new goals or destinations and bypass obstacles. Parents and Berean's guidance counselors are able to track progress and collaborate to provide the support that students need.

Naviance Succeed is the solution that can chart the course and move students toward achievement, whatever their starting point. Tools are age-appropriate and can be deployed in elementary, middle or high school. We at Berean are starting with High School.

Naviance compiles data like GPA, test scores, assessments, program completion, graduation plans, and career goals in one place where it can be used by students and families to make informed decisions.

Success starts with a plan. Berean has a plan for your student.